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Services provided by School for Parents

We enable disabled children by:

  • Providing assessments and individual sessions for each child and parent.
  • Providing up to three pre-school learning sessions each week during term-time, depending on the child’s needs. These sessions include carefully structured programmes to help children achieve their full potential.
  • Running projects for children with Down’s syndrome to support their specific communication needs, e.g. speech therapy, based on best practice as advised by Symbol UK and the DSA.
  • Provide weekly speech therapy sessions for children with Down’s syndrome, up to the age of 11 years
  • Offering specialised reading and writing programmes.
  • Running an after school gym club for over 5s who have previously attended our pre-school services, to help them develop, practise and maintain the physical skills they need to integrate into mainstream education and society as a whole.
  • Running specialised swimming programmes, with a swimming award system for each child, with limited use of a hydrotherapy pool.
  • Providing IT and Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) support services through a third party company, Sensation Communication & Technology Solutions.

We’ve designed our Early Learning Goals to follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.

We empower parents by:

  • Proving an outreach support service to help parents establish routines at home, or to give support at stressful times.
  • Giving talks and running practical sessions to educate parents.
  • Giving help and advice with feeding problems.
  • Helping with the child’s transition to school.
  • Providing information on other support agencies and voluntary organisations.
  • Organising social activities for families
  • Liasing with other educational or health agencies to share goals and strategies in order to enhance the child's learning in all settings.

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The staff help you to achieve your goals – and you will, if you work at it. They help you get on in life. I enjoy it at School for Parents. Most of all, it makes me feel proud of who I am.
Brandon, aged 12, pupil


I know for a fact that if School for Parents hadn’t taught me how to perform passive moves on my daughter's limbs and joints, she would certainly have needed surgery by now to correct contractures.
Iona, parent

School for Parents will help you find a way to work with your child by using their experience to solve problems in ways you may never have thought off.
Nicola, parent

The instruction, advice and support we receive from School for Parents has given us the confidence, knowledge and direction to help Sophie achieve her best at home and out in the wider world. We don’t know where we’d be without it. Thank you.
Tim & Lynda, parents

Having the opportunity to meet other parents going through similar experiences on a weekly basis means I feel supported and less isolated in dealing with Gideon's Down syndrome. I've also made some great friends. Thank you.
Estelle, parent

I feel so grateful to School for Parents for everything they did for Holly. They provided a vital role in the pre-school years. The staff members were absolutely fantastic with the children and as a parent, I always felt ‘looked after’.
Holly’s mum


We don't know what we would have done without School for Parents. It's a fantastic place for children with various needs and we can't praise all the staff and what they do enough.
Andrew & Alex, parents

School for Parents has given us hope. We came for a visit and have never looked back. I was excited and relieved to find a service that offered hope and support, where my son wasn't going to be the odd one out.
Michele, parent

School for Parents is the only place where I feel supported as a single parent of a child with a disability. I would say to other parents…Go and see for yourself!
Helen, parent

To see your little one blossoming in front of your eyes is a very rewarding experience, especially in the context of parents' initial worries and fears about their child's growth and development.
Jhanavi's mum

When our son was diagnosed with cerebral palsy we were told he would never walk – today he came 4th in his school's sports day race! We can't thank School for Parents enough for everything they have done to support us.
Chris and Katie, parents

Are you a parent with a disabled child?

If you’re concerned about your child’s mobility or communications skills, or if your child has already been diagnosed with an impairment, you’re not alone. School for Parents is here to help. Click here to find out how we’ve helped other parents and their children.

We operate an ‘open door’ policy and as a parent, you’re welcome to complete and submit referral and pre-assessment forms for your child via our Contact page.

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Our mission statement

Our mission is to provide Conductive Education and other services to help children with mobility and communication problems develop the skills they need to thrive and achieve their potential. We’re committed to creating a safe, positive, supportive and fun environment where parents receive practical assistance, information and training to help them support their child in their own home.

You can help

As an independent charity, School for Parents relies almost entirely on the generosity of individuals, businesses, charitable trusts and foundations to keep supporting disabled children and their parents in the Nottinghamshire area.

Friends of School for Parents

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With a career in television, theatre and films Des Coleman brings cheer and support to School For Parents' children, parents and staff.

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