Services provided by School for Parents

We enable disabled children by:


  • Providing assessments for each child and parent.
  • Providing one or two pre-school learning sessions each week during term-time, depending on the child’s needs. These sessions include carefully structured programmes to help children achieve their full potential.
  • Running projects for children with Down’s syndrome to support their specific communication needs, e.g. speech therapy, based on best practice as advised by Symbol UK and the DSA.
  • Provide weekly speech therapy sessions for children with Down’s syndrome, up to the age of 11 years
  • Offering specialised reading and writing programmes.
  • Offering a specialised safe eating and drinking programme.
  • Running Saturday morning and afternoon ‘gym clubs’ for over 5s with cerebral palsy or other physical disability to help them develop, practise and maintain the physical skills they need to integrate into mainstream education and society as a whole.
  • Providing IT and Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) support services.
  • We’ve designed our Early Learning Goals to follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.


We empower parents by:

  • Giving talks and running practical sessions to educate parents.
  • Giving help and advice with feeding problems.
  • Helping with the child’s transition to school.
  • Providing information on other support agencies and voluntary organisations.
  • Organising social activities for families.
  • Liaising with other educational or health agencies to share goals and strategies to enhance the child’s learning in all settings.