Little Isaac is DIY SOS star!

Tune-in to DIY SOS Thursday 29 September, BBC 1 at 8.00pm. 

The nation knows just how heart-warming and emotional the DIY SOS programme can be. However, for us here at School for Parents, this week’s programme is not just about the emotions (although we’ll all have our tissues ready!), it’s a good news ‘real-life’ story of one of our families receiving life-changing support from their local community.

As the storyline for the programme goes “Rachael and Andy Smith’s middle son Isaac has spastic quadriplegia, which means he needs care around the clock. This has knock-on effects on the whole family – Isaac has two sisters – as their house is simply not designed for anyone’s practical needs. What they really need is more space, creating a home – and garden – that works for everyone…

Isaac attends weekly sessions at School for Parents in Nottingham (see our video ).  Andy, Isaac’s dad said: “Isaac is completely dependent on others due to his debilitating condition. He is unable to walk, talk, feed orally, sit up and has a severe visual impairment that only allows him to recognise sudden changes in light. He has recently been diagnosed with epilepsy and continues to require sporadic support for ongoing respiratory problems. For the past four years, Isaac has attended School for Parents (SfP) where they help him fulfill his potential; by working with Isaac every week they have helped him learn how to hold his head up independently and by supporting us as parents they have given us (and so many local families) hope and the strength to try and cope.”

We must raise £200,000 annually from voluntary contributions to maintain our vital, local service supporting up to 80 families and we’re asking you to please make a difference today. You can help more children like Isaac to be the best they can be – please donate here or give your support in other ways – sign up to our newsletter, take part in an event or come to our Cherub’s Ball in April!

You can also support our charity by donating to Andy Smith’s Robin Hood Half Marathon fundraising page where he’s supporting School for Parents and the Batten Disease Foundation.

You can take from me that this tiny place genuinely and fundamentally changes the lives of these special little children and the lives of their parents – I know this because it’s changed our lives and I’ve seen it change others too. Some parents are without hope before they find School for Parents.

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