Conductors! Vacancy to run Saturday Gym Club

If you’re a Conductor with time to spare at the weekend, we’d love to hear from you. You could save our Gym Club!

Erika, our Conductor, is due to go on maternity leave soon, so we urgently need a replacement Conductor to run our Saturday Gym Club (during our term times)!

Hours from 10 am to 2 pm (TBC).

You will have the support of a Conductor Assistant and some very knowledgeable parents.

Download the Job Description  Gym Club Conductor JD nov 2017 Maternity Leave Cover

For details, please email 

Or call us on 0115 958 66

Our children are offered a place to attend Gym club on a Saturday once they move into full-time education, ensuring they can continue to develop the skills they have already learned at pre-school alongside their mainstream school. The group enjoys a close relationship having spent time together attending pre-school sessions. They have a great team dynamic, helping and being hugely supportive of each other – there’s also a LOT of humour! Please, come and see for yourself.

Why Gym Club is essential – by a parent:

The session is structured to meet all of Logan’s physical needs to ensure he gets a good “work out” – all done with lots of laughs; he needs this as his confidence levels can be quite low. Logan gets a say in a lot of what he does at Gym Club, and his feelings are taken into account – this is important as he gets older and is not always the case at mainstream School. It is essential that he gets to see his friends from School for Parents so that he knows that he is not the only one who struggles and needs a bit of help. Logan has made some good friends at Gym Club, and the support from other parents is fantastic. They encourage Logan as much as I do and are there to cheer us both on when he achieves something that he has struggled with for a while. We all share an extraordinary bond and are all there for each other.

Gym Club has helped him achieve a lot: he has walked unaided, he stands unaided while throwing and catching a ball 100 times, he can crouch down (we have been working on this since we first started at SfP). Occasionally, he will surprise me and do things that he never does at home, that I never knew he could do! It’s as though he feels safe in the close environment to try new things and his confidence levels soar.

What Gym Club means to both of us is that there is someone out there who believes in us. They can see the potential in my fantastic little man, and they work hard with us to make sure that he has the support and help he needs to be the best that he can be, to live his life to the full and to never give up!”

Our children need you!