Help for children with mobility problems


At School for Parents, most of our work involves children with motor learning difficulties or motor development delay. We encourage the child to develop basic motor, sensory and self-help skills (such as sitting, standing, touching, listening, looking, eating, and playing), working in small groups based on their age, specific needs, and abilities.

The early intervention that we offer quickly benefits young children with cerebral palsy, or other conditions caused by damage to the part of the brain that controls movement. With the help of our programmes and strategies, children learn to overcome their physical challenges and, so, their challenges to learning.

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Specialist help for children with Down’s syndrome

We’ve also developed a range of special communication projects for children with Down’s syndrome, who respond well to the structured repetition of fun songs, rhyme, and play. Delivered by a qualified Symbol UK worker, these programmes are designed to follow the guidance of Symbol UK organisation.

Our programmes for children with Down’s syndrome include structured motor development activities.

Specialist help for children with Down's syndrome

Support for parents of disabled children


Part of our work is to help parents understand and accept their child’s disability and teach them how to help their child. All too often, parents of disabled children don’t know where to turn – they may feel isolated, powerless, or depressed.

Our staff give parents and siblings the emotional support they need to help them cope, as well as offering practical advice and information. We also give parents the opportunity to share knowledge and experiences and provide mutual support.

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